a workplace that adapts to you

a connected smart building

convenient, inspiring technology

Bring the convenience, and intelligent features offered in our smart home technology to your businessThrough smart integrations, advanced automation, and an easy to use system, your office could be transformed to provide high levels of energy saving, while inspiring your team and impressing clients. With our smart building technologies your office can adapt quickly and, on the fly, to changing uses throughout the day seamlessly, allowing you and your team to spend more time focusing on your business.   

transform your workspace


Adapt to your use

Change the meeting room to presentation mode, the blinds will lower, lights dim, and the projector starts, all ready for when you need to present. Olight up the office with the morning sun at the push of a button. Keep your office on the move quickly and easily, adapting to your needs automatically, or at the flick of a switch.  


improve energy efficiency

Give your building the power to adapt to the days changing conditions, to massively improve energy efficiency. Lights can be turned off automatically when spaces aren’t being used and blinds can be lowered based on the position of the sun, reducing cooling costs. Plus, your energy use can be monitored in real time, any time.  


seamless security

Keep your office safe and secure at all times with our advanced gates, security cameras, intercoms and alarms. You can be alerted at any time if there is unauthorised access to the office and see who they are from your smart device at home. Then, when you arrive at work the next day your gate will know it is you and open automatically for you.  

The complete smart building system

controlled from
one app

Responds to
your needs

Integrates with
your other devices

the product of
30 years experience

for tech upgrades

Industry leading
25 year warranty

how we make it happen

  • step01

    Get in touch

    Give us a call or complete our enquiry form and one of our team members will reach out to you to help answer any of your questions.   

  • step02


    We sit down and have a chat with you about your needs and requirements so we can determine the best smart building package for you. 

  • step03


    We kickstart your dream smart building experience with an easy installation process. Once installed, we provide a detailed tutorial to help you get to know your system.  

high quality installations for peace of mind

A smart building is more than an office stuffed with technology. Within a smart building are a series of intelligent devices that communicate with each other, allowing you to go about your day with ease. We have used our 20 years’ experience with smart technology to ensure you get the right smart building system for your needs, installed on time and on budget deliveryWe have built a supportive framework that not only houses all your connections now, but is designed to connect with future technologies, ensuring your system works for you now and in the future.