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Terawatt partners with EV charging industry giants Ocular, ABB, and Schneider Electric. We promise the best personalised EV charging solution, so you can plug in, charge, and go.

Terawatt and Brighte provide 0% Interest EV Charger Payment Plans.

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“With soaring petrol prices and my nagging partner I eventually gave into the craze of electrical cars and bought
myself one. But then I was like what next? And that’s when I stumbled across Terawatts’ EV Charger Installation
service and it was simply awesome! Sorted my electrical car problems and now I have the freedom to go anywhere.
Thank you Terawatt for opening up a whole new world of possibilities for me!”

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Terawatt is your fast, easy, and convenient EV vehicle charging option. 

And unlike our competitors, we specialise in EV charging and can install your charger correctly the first time.

So join us and embrace the future, whether you’re using your electric car to travel, adventure, or commute.

Because Terawatt is Your EV Charger Installation Solution that lets you plug in, charge, and go anywhere on your own.

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We've been in the electrical business since 1978, and we take pride in our ability to add lasting value to any project thanks to our extensive industry experience that is second to none.

Brands, One Goal

Terawatt and Keith Atkinson Electrical are proudly operated by the same owner and offer the same guarantee for your peace of mind: that your EV charger will be installed correctly the first time.

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We have all the leading EV charger brands and our success is evidenced by our loyal and content repeat customers. And we never undervalue the influence of word-of-mouth.

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Fuel prices rose 60% faster than CPI during the past five decades.

So say yes and switch to an EV ASAP.

Petrol guzzling cars emit 1.2–1.6 times more CO2 than electric cars.

So own an EV to improve the environment.

58% of passenger vehicle sales will be electric by 2040, and that's being conservative.

So believe that this is the future, not a fad.

Electric cars: Everything you need to know

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Terawatt, Proud to be Your EV Charging Solution

Terawatt is delighted to offer a wide variety of services to assist you move to electric vehicles easily! We can install EV charging stations and update your electrical system to manage electric vehicle demand. We can also help you use your new EV charging station. Please contact us today if you're considering switching to electric vehicles or have concerns about preparing your house or company for them. We'll gladly explain our services and help you move to electric vehicles!

‘Industry excellence. Gold Master Electricians must pass the accreditation evaluation or be members for 20 years.’