About us

EV Charger Installation Specialists, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Terawatt is the company that actually specialises in EV charger installations – nothing else – just EV charger installations.

Because we believe a jack of all trades is a master of none – and that is what separates us from our competitors.

So whether you’re Sunshine Coast or Brisbane based, were your go-to solution for professional EV charger installations.

With 25+ years’ proven experience count on us to install your EV charger right the first time, so you simply plug in, charge, and go anywhere in your electrical car – whether it be exploring or powering your way through your daily commute.

Terawatt always put your needs first by providing you expert advice and personalised support tailored to your situation.

In addition to Terawatt, we are proud owners of Keith Atkinson Electrical (KAE) that has over 40 years’ experience in the electrical industry.

We are just letting you know this as a FYI but don’t worry while we are two brands, we have the same goal of being your EV charger installation solution.

And if you’re electrical needs go beyond that, KAE will help guaranteed.

Delivering Smarter Results (by focusing on ‘how we do it’)

Superior Knowledge

Greater Understanding

100% Transparency

Personalised to You

Why Choose us

Driven by passion, inspired by results

“Terawatt has a team of professionals with the necessary expertise and understanding to guarantee that you receive the best outcome stress-free. We constantly maintain openness and tailor the experience to your needs. So whether you need our EV charger installation service to be done at your home or business…

Let us Help You…

Because at Terawatt we guarantee to install your EV charger right, first time.”

Seth Atkinson,

Managing Director of Terawatt.